Hello everyone!

I’m Zo and welcome to The Macro Soul.

I’m a first-year economics student from Ontario, Canada, who loves to read books, travel, watch the X-Files and procrastinate.

I have tried time and time again to start a blog but every time, something changed or school got in the way. But this time around, I am determined to create a blog and keep it!

On this blog, I hope to write about the life of a university student, organization tips, along with student finance and budgeting tips.

I also hope to write about my travels, books I’ve been reading, and the tv shows I’ve been watching.

All throughout my life, I’ve taken advice and tips from people I know, from blogs I’ve read and video’s I’ve watched. Now I want to be able to take what I’ve learned and experienced to hopefully give you all advice and tips that will help you the way they helped me.

With that being said, I also want to have a blog that’s fun and brings some happiness to your lives by talking about entertaining and enjoyable things.

I really hope you all enjoy this blog and come visit once in a while.

Talk soon,
Zo. xx


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