My second round of midterms are officially over, but unfortunately that means finals will be starting soon.

As a way to relieve some stress, me and my sisters got together and de-potted some succulents to put in our rooms.

It was a very fun activity and hopefully it inspires some of you this spring season!

First and foremost, you’re going to need some succulents. We got these from our local sporting goods store (which you wouldn’t expect, but they had a big variety and were very cheap!).

Second, you’re going to need some type of soil to place your succulents into. I would just like to insert a disclaimer here and say that I know next to nothing about plants, all the information I got, was off of the internet. I have seen some people use plain old sand depending on the succulent, so before you go about doing this, do a little bit of research.


Lastly, you’re going to need something to put your succulents into. We used little class jars from candles we used up. It’s totally up to you! Be careful though because if your succulents require a lot of water then you may want a pot with holes at the bottom. Since our succulents require very little water, we used glass jars but put rocks at the bottom to help the water drain.


The steps are pretty simple so here they are:

  1. Place gravel or rocks at the bottom of your pot
  2. Add a tiny bit of soil or sand so the gravel is covered
  3. SAFELY remove succulents from their current container and remove any excess soil it is surrounded by, be sure not to ruin its roots
  4. Place the succulent in the pot on top of the soil and gravel
  5. Use your new soil to cover the roots of the succulent, until you reach its base
  6. Voila, and now you have a cute, de-plotted succulent you can put wherever you like

(Don’t forget to read up on the type of succulent you have, some require more sunlight than others and more water than others)

The succulents turned out awesome and it was such a fun activity! I can’t wait to get more and put them all around our house.

I hope you are all inspired and try this out too!

Talk soon,

Zo. xx


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