I love to travel and visit places. I don’t think there’s a single place I have travelled to that I didn’t like. I’ve been really blessed and fortunate to have been able to travel all over the world and as I was going over the places I’ve been to, I realized how I haven’t really explored the places close to me.

I’ve passed through and visited Toronto hundreds of times but I had never truly explored the city which seemed a bit ridiculous to me. I don’t live far from Toronto so I figured I would make it my mission to go an explore the city so many people rave about.

My sister works near Toronto so I asked her if she could drop me off early in the morning and pick me up on her way home. At first I was kind of scared to go on my own because it was technically a new city for me. I had never taken a bus or a subway before and I didn’t want to get lost.

The night before, I decided to write out an itinerary and some rough directions to all the places I wanted to visit. When Wednesday morning came around and I finally got to Union Station I was feeling confident and prepared to explore.

The first place I visited was Maman. A cute cafe located inside First Canadian Place. I loved it so much. It’s such a cute and rustic place. The staff are all really nice, the coffee was really good (so was the cookie) and I would definitely visit it again.


I then decided to walk around Bay St. and do a little bit of exploring. After visiting Toronto and walking around the financial district it really motivated me to work harder and set realistic goals that I can achieve in the future.

I then headed to the Art Gallery of Ontario. I love art and I knew the once place I wanted to visit for sure was the AGO.


Visiting the AGO was amazing because it inspired me to create and believe in my art and what I make. Even if somebody doesn’t like your art what matters most is that you like it and stand by it.

After my visit to the AGO I walked around downtown a bit and had a late lunch at Burger Factory.


After lunch I did a bit more exploring and headed back to the financial district. I think my favourite part about my trip was this moment. I made my way to the closest Starbucks got a coffee, sat outside and read my book. It was calm yet busy at the same time. I think I got quite lucky with the weather because it was beautiful and I got to do a lot of exploring.


Leaving the financial district was a bittersweet moment. I loved it so much and I know this is somewhere I want to come back to in the future (hopefully for work). Afterwards I took the subway to Yorkdale, did a little bit of shopping, met up with my sister and headed home.

I really hope I get to go back soon and visit even more places.

I made a video diary of my visit so if you all want to watch it click here. It was my first time editing a video so please don’t judge too hard if it’s bad. I also haven’t figured out the whole creative commons thing and music licensing. So I’m sorry if you don’t enjoy the music. But there are a lot more clips in the video which show the places I went to and explored.

Lots of love,

Zo. xx


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