I love learning. Whether it’s learning new things or re-learning old things, I (almost) always enjoy it. So when I got a text message from a friend saying, Udemy, a site I’d never heard of before, was having a promotion for the online courses, I was over the moon!

Udemy, is an online learning platform where people can learn new skills or enhance the ones they already have. If you’ve always wanted to learn a little more about photography, drawing or even personal finance, this is the right website for you!

Udemy offers a plethora of courses that are taught by real professionals! You learn at your own pace and can choose courses you will actually enjoy. Plus, they’re much cheaper than taking a college class, especially if you just want to learn a new skill. The reason I mention this is because I was planning on taking a web-development elective next semester, but instead I’m taking one on Udemy for only $15! (Now I can use my elective for something more specific and unique to my university.)

I really wanted to write this blog post, because I feel like a lot of people may benefit from this! Udemy, is having a promotion until the end of April where almost all of their courses are $15. The amount of money I’ve saved on the 4 courses I’ve signed up for is amazing!

I really do recommend you all check out their site and do a bit of browsing. There’s something for everyone!

(This blog post is not sponsored. I’m really passionate about learning and I wanted to share this amazing opportunity with everyone!)

Talk soon,

Zo. xx